Published Fiction

  • “Flash Crash”

    A science fiction story about nuclear armageddon, strong AI with hard launch, finance startups, New York autumns, love, grief and loss. It is an unapologetic tearjerker. I’m proud to say it makes me cry; I hope it makes you cry too. Published in Escape Pod, Episode 683, June 6, 2019. Available to read or listen online!

  • “Power of Attorney”

    A story about a robot (with NO FEELINGS, ABSOLUTELY NOT, WHY WOULD YOU SUGGEST THAT) who finds itself in the middle of a family crisis, with themes of family strife, aging, death, and legacy. Published in Write Ahead/The Future LoomsVol 5, Sept-Oct 2019.

  • “The Reinvention of Death”

    A story about a robot (with FEELINGS), whose purpose is to observe and appreciate the natural beauty of an immortal world. It’s a little bit sad, a little bit lyrical, and dare I say, quite a bit more hopeful than I sometimes get. Published in Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity, Third Flatiron Publishing.

  • “The Prince of Svalbard: A Saga of the Thaw”

    A science fiction story that explores the risks of climate change through a pastiche of ancient saga. Published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Nov-Dec 2019.

  • “Babies Come From Earth”

    A duet between a woman on a distant world, where humans cannot carry children to term, and a doctor on Earth who works to ship babies to the stars. Published in The London Reader‘s Motherhood issue.

  • “Escape Plan”

    An exploration of the near-future evolution of youth politics in response to tech and climate upheaval. Written for the Center for a New American Security and Technology For Global Security joint project, “Future Digital Threats to Democracy.”

  • “Rocket Man”

    An alternate-history Cold War story told from the perspective of a reluctant American nuclear missile pilot. Published in Interzone, Issue 286.