In the US today, the debate over universal healthcare is focused in pretty tightly on singlepayer healthcare, or Medicare for All.

And Medicare for All is in kind of an interesting position in these debates. On the one hand, it’s definitely within the Overton Window—it’s regularly polled on, receives plurality or majority support, is endorsed by a real chunk of one major party’s legislators and recent presidential candidates, etc. On the other hand, M4A is also very much the leftmost proposal even remotely on the table. Even fairly marginal advocacy groups are pushing M4A, not anything to its left.

This is too bad. To keep M4A healthy, it’s important to have a rich ecosystem of EVEN HARDER CORE alternatives.

So. Here’s my proposal. It is WELL to M4A’s left, has creepy left-right fusionist flavors, and plays strongly to America’s unique army fandom.

Proposal: Congress passes a law creating a new Armed Service. This armed service is the US HEALTH FORCE.

It has a starting budget of ~150 billion dollars, to keep it competitive with its sister services. Certain existing elements of other services—a slice of the Army Corps of Engineers, some of the Navy’s hospital ships, etc.—are folded in, but mostly this is a BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN BRANCH OF THE US MILITARY. It’s got cool new logos and big trucks and army ranks. The head of the HEALTH FORCE (let’s call them the SURGEON ADMIRAL to avoid confusion) sits on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The HEALTH FORCE is in a PERMANENT STATE OF WAR. It is ALWAYS ACTIVELY DEPLOYED; mostly here in America but occasionally overseas. If you get sick on American soil, either in the homeland or any of our territories, a HEALTH FORCE FIRETEAM (one doctor, two nurses, logistical support) will fuck up that disease for you real good!

The HEALTH FORCE doesn’t care about traditional procedures! They’ll manufacture four billion doses of insulin and drop them over rural America from strategic bombers! The sirens on their ambulances make the AIR RAID noise! They’ll go door to fucking door with vitamin-fortified meals in the poorest parts of the country! If your house is leaching lead paint into your children they will DEMOLISH IT and build you a new one in 48 hours!

There are uniforms! There are flags! There are airshows!

When a HEALTH FORCE officer dies of a condition acquired in the field, they’re flown back home in a flag-draped coffin.

Everything the HEALTH FORCE does is free at point of service, for exactly the same reason that the US Army will never issue terrorists an invoice for a Hellfire missile.

You can enlist in the HEALTH FORCE right out of high school and they’ll train you how to FIGHT DISEASE. Anyone with an MD can become an officer in six months. If there’s a pandemic coming, they can roll out a draft.

The HEALTH FORCE doesn’t replace private hospitals anymore than the US Army replaces local cops or private mercenaries. It just does it BIGGER, BETTER, LOUDER, HARDER, AND WITH FIREWORKS.

Vote HEALTH FORCE today!

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