The Trump Pledge

As a white man with a well-compensated job, I am likely to be the beneficiary of Trump and Trumpism, in ways both large and small.

(As a Jew, well, *alarmed jewish hand flopping thing*)

This will be blood money; I consecrate it to the community, as the only way to free both it and myself of its taint.

1. If a tax cut increases my income, I will donate that amount IN FULL to whatever organization best resists whatever form of evil Trump seems most likely to foment.

2. If the wage gap widens between those who look like me and those who do not, I will donate that amount in full as above.

3. If it becomes less safe for those who do not look like me, in public or in any other way, then I’mma be hanging out with you a LOT MORE I guess. Which will be awesome, frankly, I love y’all. I will take you where you need to go and be with you while you’re there.

4. If mores in polite society move in the direction Trump has indicated, toward greater disregard and disrespect of women, I will cede authority to them. I will pass over promotions for female colleagues. I will nominate women for leadership in civic organizations. I will vote for women with whom I disagree over men with whom I agree more, assuming I find the women competent and their principles worthy. The same holds for people of color.

5. If my voice is valued and exalted above others, I will place myself low. I will come to rallies and hold signs and stand still and chant along. I will share the voices of others and hold my tongue, where what they have said needs saying.

6. If I should find another way that I am receiving such benefits, I will find the pledge I should have made here, and I will take that pledge, and I will abide by it.

Please join me.

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